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Sumant Kadam , Megha Narchal , Niketan
#preservingaboriginal #guardianship #community

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Roots Radar: Preserving Aboriginal Heritage Through Digital Mapping and Community Guardianship

In response to the critical threat climate change poses to Aboriginal cultural sites, we introduce an innovative solution named "Roots Radar." This integrated approach synergizes the "Digital Cultural Mapping Platform" and "Community-Driven Climate Guardians" concepts to fortify our cultural heritage against climate impacts.

Roots Radar leverages cutting-edge technology, community participation, and data insights. Through meticulous steps, we forge a powerful shield for our cultural landmarks:

  1. Cultural Mapping Mastery:
    By fusing data from NSW Land Registry Services, NSW State Heritage Inventory, and ASDST Coastal Middens Current Model, we create a vivid tapestry of our heritage. A dynamic map, meticulously crafted using GIS, showcases site boundaries and historical significance. Ownership details from NSW Land Registry Services enrich the experience, fostering a deeper understanding of these cherished sites.

  2. Climate Guardians Unleashed:
    Empowering local heroes as "Climate Guardians" is pivotal. Armed with knowledge from New South Wales Weather and Warnings Summary, NSW nearshore wave buoy parameter time series, and Mid North Coast Vegetation data, they become climate sentinels. Equipped with user-friendly tools, they document climate nuances and site conditions with precision.

  3. Collective Wisdom and Action:
    A virtuous circle blooms as guardians collaborate with traditional custodians. This collaborative spirit fuels data interpretation, revealing trends, and possible threats. The community's insights are a beacon guiding preservation strategies, rooted in tradition yet adaptable to modern challenges.

  4. Amplified Awareness:
    The mapping platform acts as a beacon, illuminating real-time climate data and vulnerability insights. This transparency empowers informed decisions, fosters awareness, and fuels advocacy for the cultural legacies that make our land unique.

Roots Radar ensures our cultural heritage thrives amidst climate turbulence, with knowledge, unity, and reverence at its core. Together, we transform into guardians of our past, present, and future.

DATA Sets Usage Information:
For Community-Driven Climate Guardians:
We leveraged New South Wales Weather and Warnings Summary, NSW nearshore wave buoy parameter time series, and Mid North Coast Vegetation data to train community members in climate monitoring. Equip them with tools to record changes and feed data into the digital cultural mapping platform. Collaborate with traditional custodians to interpret findings.

For Digital Cultural Mapping Platform:
We Integrated data from NSW Land Registry Services, NSW State Heritage Inventory, and ASDST Coastal Middens Current Model to create an accurate map of cultural sites, including their legal ownership, historical significance, and vulnerability to climate impacts. And then incorporated GLAM data for additional cultural context and overlayed weather data and wave buoy parameter time series to monitor real-time climate impacts.

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