Saving the planet one CO2 at a time

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Data miners

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Taruki , Loreto , Nisha

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Problem Statement:
Many individuals lack awareness of the carbon emissions from their daily food choices, even though food contributes to a significant portion of global greenhouse gases. New Zealand's data further underscores its contribution to this issue.

We propose an educational app that gamifies the carbon footprint of food. Targeting early education, the app translates emissions into relatable metrics, suggesting eco-friendly alternatives. Envisioned partnerships with supermarkets will provide real-time product footprints, encouraging both eco-conscious buying and community engagement. Additionally, the app will address disinformation and support the "Aotearoa Citizen Survey Actions" to further sustainable practices in New Zealand.

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Data Story

"After analyzing data from the New Zealand government on CO2 emissions, we were intrigued by the prominent role of food in contributing to greenhouse gases, and, drawing from this insight, we devised an educational application targeting both children and adults, emphasizing gamified learning about the carbon footprint of daily meals, aiming to foster sustainability and CO2-consciousness, supported by partnerships with supermarkets to provide real-time data, thus addressing the challenges of reducing household carbon emissions, disarming disinformation, and furthering the objectives of the Aotearoa Citizen Survey Actions." (all 10 references used can be found in our report)


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