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Introducing SEQPrepare : Your Personal Shield Against Severe Weather

We are thrilled to present the SEQPrepare – a custom solution designed to improve the disaster preparedness and response in South East Queensland. In a region prone to severe weather incidents, this innovative app serves as an essential tool to protect our community, homes, and loved ones. By harnessing the power of open government data, SEQPrepare empowers residents with vital information, personalized insights, and actionable steps to mitigate risks and navigate these challenges effectively.

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Key Features and Benefits:

Home-Specific Risk Assessment:

The app provides every homeowner with a tailored risk assessment of their property. By analyzing real-time data and historical patterns, it offers a comprehensive understanding of your property's susceptibility to fire and flood events. Armed with this knowledge, residents can take informed measures to fortify their homes and prepare a suitable evacuation strategy.

Timely Alerts and Notifications:

Stay ahead of the weather with instant alerts delivered straight to your smartphone. Whether it's an approaching bushfire, a rising water level, or evacuation advisories, the app ensures that you receive crucial updates in real time.

Customized Action Plans:

We understand that preparedness is paramount. The app helps residents craft personalized action plans that cater to your property's specific risks. Whether it's creating defensible spaces, securing valuables, or having an evacuation strategy, the app provides step-by-step guidance that takes the stress out of emergency planning.

Council Collaboration:

SEQPrepare is not just a personal safety tool, it provides a vital bridge between residents and their local council. SEQPrepare provides anonymous data to councils to help council understand a region's preparedness and implement targeted strategies that bolster community resilience.

Emergency Support:

In times of crisis, access vital resources at your fingertips. From emergency contact numbers to shelter locations and premade evacuation plans.

Extendability Design:

SEQPrepare has been built with extendability in mind to ensure it can be adapted to any and all future weather risks. The prototype already includes an example section for cyclone risk data.

Test the Prototype

For a live demonstration and further details we invite anybody interested to test our prototype at It currently has accurate fire and flood data, along with mock data for some other app features. Note: your GPS location will be sent to our API server for the purpose of retrieving location-specific flood data. This information is not stored or logged.

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Data Story

At the heart of SEQPrepare is open government data from every level of government. We determine current SEQ Fire risk data via the BOM Open Data FTP Site, we also use the live data feed from the Queensland Fire and Service for live fire data along with a host of local council data sources for flood risk, realtime stream height information and address data.

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Team DataSets

MBRC Planning Scheme - Flood Hazard Overlay

Description of Use Used to determine flood hazard metrics for properties located within the Moreton Bay region

Data Set

Telemetry sensors — Rainfall and Stream Heights

Description of Use Live stream height data used to determine live flood risk

Data Set

Flood — Awareness — Property Parcel Metrics

Description of Use Used to determine stream warning height for flooding and the flood risk at each property

Data Set

Property boundaries — Parcel

Description of Use Used in conjunction with the Google Maps API to convert GPS coordinates to LotPlan numbers

Data Set

Fire Danger Ratings 4 Days (QLD)

Description of Use This is used to show today's fire danger rating to the user when they open the app.

Data Set

Current Bushfires and Warnings

Description of Use This is used to discover whether there are any bushfires close to the user and advise them of a possible course of action based on current warnings.

Data Set

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