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Naina , Yacine Anane , Shourya Raj , Thi , Anmol

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Victoria finds itself facing a critical juncture in waste management, with the surge in waste due to rapid population growth and construction activities posing significant challenges. The current approach, despite policy considerations, might not be fully satisfying in addressing this issue.

To tackle this challenge head-on, a transformative solution comes in the form of an innovative application that aims to establish a circular economy, financial incentives for sustainable growth, return and earn. This approach aligns not only with the pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals but also stands to revolutionize data collection, providing invaluable insights for future strategies.

Central to our solution is its resonance with the strategic vision of the Victoria State Government for sustainability. The outlined approach directly addresses key pillars of this strategy:

1. Investment and Innovation: By introducing incentives and insights that drive a clean economy, our solution taps into the state's aspirations for investment in sustainability-driven innovation. It presents a tangible way to redirect waste into valuable resources, nurturing economic growth while minimizing environmental impact.

2. Behavior Change and Education: The heart of effective change lies in education and awareness. Our solution empowers individuals and businesses to make sustainable choices, aligning perfectly with the government's emphasis on influencing positive behaviors. Through the application, users gain insights into their waste patterns and are motivated to make mindful decisions.

3. Community Action: A cornerstone of the Victoria State Government's strategy, community engagement takes center stage in our solution. By enabling place-based projects and programs, our application fosters local participation, creating a collective effort towards waste reduction and a circular economy.

In essence, our solution offers a dynamic and comprehensive response to Victoria's waste management challenges. It not only addresses the immediate crisis but also forms a strategic bridge towards a sustainable future. By embracing technology, behavioral change, and community involvement, Victoria can navigate the waste surge while aligning seamlessly with its sustainability roadmap.

Solution prototype:

Data Story


In the vibrant Australian state of Victoria, an intriguing journey unfolds as we unravel the intricacies of waste disposal. Our data-driven expedition takes us through material landscapes, source sectors, and predictive correlations, painting a vivid picture of the state's waste narrative.

The Material Odyssey

We begin at the crossroads of data and visualization – a Power BI dashboard illuminating Victoria's waste projections. With a tap into the Power BI API, we unearth a trove of data. Plastic, paper, metals, and organics emerge as the primary protagonists of this narrative. They reflect the pulse of consumer choices and their environmental impact.

Sector Secrets Unveiled

Our journey deepens as we journey through datasets, guided by pandas. Through meticulous grouping, the leading contributors to Victoria's waste canvas emerge: industries, households, commerce, and construction. Each sector holds a brush that shapes the waste landscape, painting stories of production, consumption, and disposal.

Past Meets Future: The Correlation Canvas

Venturing further, we reach a junction where past and predicted data intertwine. With the power of pandas, we unlock correlations between waste materials. Connections reveal themselves – paper and packaging, plastics and pollution. The threads of consumption weave a tapestry that echoes through time.

Conclusion: A Canvas of Insights

Our journey through Victoria's waste landscape draws to a close, leaving us with newfound insights. Through the artistry of data analysis, we've illuminated the interconnected stories of materials, sectors, and predictions. Armed with this knowledge, stakeholders are poised to craft a sustainable future, turning this data story into action.

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