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Liveability in numbers. Habistasis allows both individuals and policymakers alike to calculate liveability scores for postcode regions, with a breakdown on which stats contribute positive or negatively to an area's score, and its overall liveability. This insight allows for and promotes a more...

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This is a pilot for NSW, but the project can be scaled across different states in Australia. Cost of living is a key issue effecting many NSW citizens. Australia is currently facing high inflation, surging housing demand and increased interest rates. The topic of housing affordability is a ...

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TenancyIQ revolutionizes the way renters approach their living experience. Developed by a team that understands the challenges of relocating, TenancyIQ empowers users to forecast rent, explore potential homes, and access invaluable government data for informed decisions. Seamlessly combining anal...

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The most common action taken to address the rising cost of living is to change purchasing behavior. In the survey, 76.9% of respondents reported that their standard of living improved after changing their purchasing behavior. Of these success stories, 48.9% of respondents buy cheaper meat, and 48...

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