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ServiSync – Sync, Swap, Serve. Your ultimate vehicle management partner!

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Reducing Vehicle idling Time - A better way towards Carbon neutral

Reducing vehicle idling time is a practical and effective way to reduce emissions, conserve fuel, and improve air quality. A short-term easy solution is to install idling alarms in vehicles, while a long-term solution is replacing ICE vehicles with EVs and Hybrids so that if a vehicle is idling, ...

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H2Optimise - Driving Data, Steering Sustainability!

H2Optimise is dedicated to devising strategies that effectively reduce emissions by minimising idle durations. Through our integrated application platform designed for employees, we have introduced a rewards system contingent upon the reduction of carbon emissions. This innovative approach aims t...

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Waterworks infrastructure presents a unique problem, in that it is often embedded underground and hard to diagnose problems when it is experiencing problems. Currently, waterwork companies such as Unityworks have a lengthy process in order to identify issues with pumps and other infrastructure, o...

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WATERWISE - UnityWater Reducing Emissions

# Working towards a Cleaner and Greener Future - UnityWater DRIVE *Unitywater travels over 3.9 million kilometres each year maintaining water and wastewater services for our region. How might we use our vehicle data to benefit people, planet and productivity in the future? How might we improve...

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When dealing with green resources, a large majority of the population are blind to the average daily usage. Many households around Australia waste power and water on a daily basis. Gaia, an interactive phone app, allows the average person to not only record and monitor their daily resource expend...

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Project RAPID

Project RAPID Resource Allocation and Placement for Improved Dispatch

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