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Our Team, NetMine, has two members; Dorna Heidari, and Majid Zarrinkolah (Ario). We participated at Deakin University. We entered the challenge "Making public archives more accessible" and developed a project named DataTrans. Our goal was to make public archives more accessible. The technical as...

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Heaps Good!

https://github.com/jessearcana/govhack2023/blob/main/README.md # Problem Statement "What makes a great holiday?" is personal. Everyone has their own blend of unwinding and exploring. In South Australia, we understand that not everyone wants the same experience. Maybe the standard tourist pack...

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AutoDoc - Generative AI Document Sorting and Searching

## AutoDoc Have you or your team ever had to go through 100s of documents, to index them, manually adding tags and dating them? This is now a problem of the past with AutoDoc, a platform for you to interact with your data in a whole new way, using OCR to read your documents, and OpenAIs GPT, w...

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Reimagining Records

Accessing public records from state government is not exactly on the list of things a young person might do. How can we help young people to engage with public records and unlock the potential to learn about the past to build for the future. This project uses Minecraft and openly available mod...

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'Project 2173' - ArchivalDetective App

<header> <h1>Archivist Detective - Unearthing Forgotten History Through Immersive Exploration</h1> </header> <section id="introduction"> <h2>Introduction:</h2> <p>In a rapidly changing world, it's easy for history to fade into obscurity. The Archivist Detectives present a groun...

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The Archaiv project uses AI to easily catalogue images and documents to make archives accessible. Supported by a rigorous quality assurance process to manage biases and ethics. **Problem definition:**  Digital archives have traditionally required tagging so users can search accurately. How ...

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# ArchiVision - AI Extended Metadata + AI Assistive Technology for Archive Images ## Demo https://bit.ly/archivision ## Problem Definition Government image archives, like those in ACT Memory and the Public Record Office of Victoria, currently face challenges related to searchability, acc...

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