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NoFret - Freight Management

![NoFret Cover](https://hill-college.github.io/GovHack2023/cover.png) We aim to analyze and measure freight performances across Albany, and measure CO2 production levels. Our website should give people an insight to the freight they are using to transport their goods, CO2 emission levels, and ...

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In this project, we are considering different metrics to improve and optimize freight performances across all modes of transport; road, rail, air and sea, domestically within Australia. While the given data sets are sufficient to maintain the current freight performances, there are some metri...

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Trucks and trains are the vital arteries of Australia's national freight network. Yet, due to commercial sensitivities and a scarcity of accessible data, the precise logistics and planning that underpin route selection for transporting freight from Point A to Point B remain largely enigmatic. Our...

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Australia's Shift to H2 Freight

["Australia's Shift to H2 Freight"](https://freight-analysis-dashboard.streamlit.app/) presents an interactive visualisation of Australia's freight networks, through the lens of a transition to hydrogen fuels. It uses NFDH data sets, including Freight Vehicle Congestion and National Key Freight R...

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Delay as Vital Freight Data

This challenge asked what the gap is in freight data, and one of the often overlooked answer is data on delay. When it happens, where it happens and how long it happens-- these are simply metrics that can be used to improve efficiency in the supply chain, improve the chain of responsibility, impr...

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Web Track Delivery

### Goal of this project The main aim of this project is to show the different methods available for transportation of freight domestically. Moreover, these methods are compared by key metrics such as cost, speed, delivery time, etc. and are weighted to be in line with the user's priorities. Fo...

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