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We have made a twin map and chatbot application that is able to track weather events in real time, and help assist users in being able to craft protection plans for themselves, as well as customised protection plans for precious heritage sights during extreme weather events. We utilise the text g...

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Moreton Bay Evacuation Centres: Improvements and Ideas

Severe flooding events represent significant social and economic losses to coastal communities. Climate change has the potential to exacerbate these impacts. Local government authorities such as the Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) have undertaken hydrological investigations and prepared disas...

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# Introducing SEQPrepare : Your Personal Shield Against Severe Weather We are thrilled to present the SEQPrepare – a custom solution designed to improve the disaster preparedness and response in South East Queensland. In a region prone to severe weather incidents, this innovative app serves as...

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Flood Guard

Swiggy Solutions aims to safeguard residents of Moreton Bay by developing an app which alerts residents of road closures due to inundation. Utilising MBRC datasets and location services on personal devices we can deliver alerts to drivers within a 2km proximity of a inundated road. This eliminate...

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The Hazard Map (HAZ-MAP), is a sophisticated interactive mapping tool specifically designed to highlight potential flood-prone areas within the Moreton Bay region. By integrating historical road flood records and data on nearby sandbag pickup zones, the HAZ-MAP provides an accurate visualization ...

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Roots of Moreton

Problem Space: Many threatened flora species are at risk due to a lack of public awareness regarding their existence and their ecological significance. Loss of habitat: One of the major threats to flora is the loss of their natural habitat. When people are unaware of the presence of endangere...

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Waterworks infrastructure presents a unique problem, in that it is often embedded underground and hard to diagnose problems when it is experiencing problems. Currently, waterwork companies such as Unityworks have a lengthy process in order to identify issues with pumps and other infrastructure, o...

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