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https://github.com/jessearcana/govhack2023/blob/main/README.md # Problem Statement "What makes a great holiday?" is personal. Everyone has their own blend of unwinding and exploring. In South Australia, we understand that not everyone wants the same experience. Maybe the standard tourist pack...

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## [See our GitHub for more info](https://github.com/urban-threshold/urban-threshold) Tourism in Australia accounts for over $35b of GDP in FY22, with youth tourism making up a significant portion of that figure (according to Tourism Australia). Youth tourism is also very important for the tra...

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Reimagining Records

Accessing public records from state government is not exactly on the list of things a young person might do. How can we help young people to engage with public records and unlock the potential to learn about the past to build for the future. This project uses Minecraft and openly available mod...

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[Solo Traveller]

# About Solo Traveller Solo traveler is an application that helps people discover the heritage of the land in which they walk. Drawing from rich sources of public data such as Trove, PROV and NSW archives, people can uncover new insights of the city they find themselves in. Through our app the...

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Revitalise. Reimagine. ReVix. The Public Record of Victoria (PROV) houses images of immense historical values. However, they are heavily underutilised. While digitisation of these historic photographs is a great step forward, we, reVix, aims to bring these images to the public consciousness of...

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# ArchiVision - AI Extended Metadata + AI Assistive Technology for Archive Images ## Demo https://bit.ly/archivision ## Problem Definition Government image archives, like those in ACT Memory and the Public Record Office of Victoria, currently face challenges related to searchability, acc...

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Remix - Public Record Office Victoria

A One Stop Shop for Artists to Retrieve Media Content from Public Record Office Victoria. Build and future build detailed in video and GitHub README. Team Members: Mitchell Gust

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