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Project Description

EcoScan+: A revolutionary mobile application tailored for Queensland residents, especially Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay. Beyond merely guiding on waste disposal, EcoScan+ endeavors to bring local government and citizens together by rewarding eco-conscious behavior with rate reductions. In essence, it combines technology, education, and fiscal incentives to foster sustainable waste disposal habits.

Eco Scan+'s alignment with the challenges

Eco Scan+ brings a new perspective into the "Best Creative Use of Data in Response to ESG" challenge. It promotes waste policy awareness, aids data-informed regulations, and fosters community engagement. The app's data empowers policymakers to make informed decisions, enhancing waste system governance for a sustainable future.

Eco Scan+ aligns with the "Moreton Bay Greening as We Grow (QLD)" challenge as it creates:

  • Recycling Awareness: The app educates users about proper recycling practices.
  • Circular Economy: It promotes resource efficiency and waste reduction.
  • Community Engagement: Eco Scan+ brings the community together for positive environmental change.
  • Climate Change: By reducing waste, it indirectly supports climate mitigation.
  • Local Focus: The app can be tailored for the Moreton Bay region's needs.

Eco Scan+ applies to the "Recycling Trends Over 20 Years" challenge by:

  • Data Contribution: Providing real-time recycling data for analysis.
  • Long-term Insights: Offering user behavior data to identify trends.
  • Behavioral Analysis: Informing how behaviors changed over time.
  • Geographic Comparisons: Allowing regional recycling behavior comparison.
  • Policy Input: Suggesting recycling strategies for policy makers.
  • Transparent Documentation: Detailing data sources and methodologies.
  • Predictive Indicators: Offering data for potential predictive modeling.

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Data Story

Eco Scan+ Project Data Story

Over the last 20 years, Queensland, like much of the world, has grappled with growing waste management concerns. Our in-depth analysis across various datasets, including recycling trends and ESG metrics, highlighted a consistent challenge - misclassification of waste. By fusing this data-driven insight with modern technology, EcoScan+ was conceptualized. It not only educates users about correct disposal but, in partnership with local government, provides tangible financial rewards for responsible waste practices.

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Team DataSets

2016 SoE Marine Predicted concentrations of floating debris (more than 200 millimetres in diameter) per square kilometre in Australian waters

Description of Use Used to verify the connection between human activity and ocean plastic density.

Data Set

Tonnage of solid waste recovered or recycled

Description of Use Used to find the proportion of materials that are recycled in Queensland.

Data Set

National Waste Report 2022

Description of Use To compare the quantity of waste material that is being disposed and recycled between each state of Australia. Excluded from the data are ash production, mining and mineral processing.

Data Set

Victorian local government waste data

Description of Use Data extracted from Melbourne City Council between the years of 2001-2021 detailing the total amount of garbage per person, on an annual basis, has been used to identify the exponential increase of waste generated with a growing population, highlighting the need for a waste mitigation strategy.

Data Set

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Analysing recycling trends over the last 20 years to predict future recycling behaviour

Conduct analysis to understand and identify trends in recycling practices over the past 20 years. The objective of the challenge is to gain insights from recycling rates, material compositions, geographic variations and other factors influencing recycling behaviour.

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Best Creative Use of Data in Response to ESG

How can you showcase data in a creative manner to respond to ESG challenges? How can we present and visualise data to stimulate conversation and promote change?

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Moreton Bay greening as we grow (QLD)

How might we harness the power of the everyday citizen to help protect our diverse flora and fauna as we grow our region; creating a diverse and flourishing planet for generations to come?

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