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Invasive species are often introduced to the area and cause significant damage to our native wildlife and plants. They can also cause ecological and health problems as well. It is estimated that invasive species cost Australia a total of $24 billion year in impact and damages.

Currently, the method for the public community to report invasive species is through filling out an online form.

Our team proposes a solution to help aid the City of Moreton Bay in identifying and recognising invasive species by utilising AI to distinguish them in pictures submitted by the public. It is hoped that by implementing AI in the process of public submissions that it helps reduce the time needed to inform the council about the issue and ultimately makes it easier for the public as well.

Data Story

To identify our objective, we went to uncover data about invasive species identification. With this being the case, we initially researched fire ants and their effects in Moreton Bay. where we were able to find data detailing monitoring, identification of the invasive species and the biosecurity zones.

Cane toads were also researched, before it was decided it would be more beneficial for the overall objective of this task to outline invasive species as a whole instead, widening the amount of data we used and the effectiveness our solution would hold. A number of sources from the Queensland Government’s Department of Agriculture and Fisheries site was used, which further specifies and highlights invasive species in the area and how to deal with them, which can help us identify data points which will benefit the use and execution of our app.

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Team DataSets

Table of introduced and invasive species in Australia by biological group

Description of Use For data gathering, and future use of invasive species identifying.

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