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In a world grappling with the profound challenges of climate change, the enormity of rising temperatures and sea levels often leaves us feeling overwhelmed and detached from the urgent need for collective action. GeoCatch is a transformative answer to this complex dilemma, offering a dynamic solu...

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EasyPark Application

Save emissions by crowd-sourcing car parks through the use of our parking application Problem: In 2022, the Christchurch Residents Survey revealed that over 51% of residents were dissatisfied with on-street parking. To address this challenge, we embarked on a mission to create a smarter, gree...

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<h2>Infra.nz</h2> Infra.nz is a platform that allows all 3D building information to be centrally stored, and easily accessed by the government, engineers and the general public. Infra.nz is a pioneering platform designed to revolutionise urban development and building information management. Se...

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Citizen Council Connect

Ensuring mutuality between citizens and government is vital in facilitating an active democracy. The Christchurch Residents Survey revealed various areas of concern for citizens, indicating a lack of information and opportunity for involvement in Council decision-making. - 29% were satisfied w...

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Green Kiwi

# Vision/Problem Statement/Pitch This is a platform that allow citizens to track how they are reducing carbon emissions and to share their progress and achievements with others. By connecting with others on the platform, we can feel like we're making a difference together and reach big emissio...

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Whanganui has a lower uptake of internet connectivity in comparison to New Zealand and the wider region of Manawatu-Whanganui. The Backhousers decided to empower our community through a solution, Whispr, that enhances access to quality internet, fostering digital equity and promoting inclusion. B...

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Saving the planet one CO2 at a time

Problem Statement: Many individuals lack awareness of the carbon emissions from their daily food choices, even though food contributes to a significant portion of global greenhouse gases. New Zealand's data further underscores its contribution to this issue. Solution: We propose an education...

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