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Imagine a world where age, recovery, and mobility don't separate us – but bring us closer. Imagine places that echo with laughter, camaraderie, and the warmth of connection In a world driven by data and innovation, we introduce a groundbreaking product that unveils the hidden story behind school...

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Learning Together

Problem: The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on education in NSW. Compared to pre-COVID levels, several metrics have shown a decline compared to pre-COVID levels such as academic performance, student retention, HSC completion and enrolment. These declines are a cause for concern, a...

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Liveability in numbers. Habistasis allows both individuals and policymakers alike to calculate liveability scores for postcode regions, with a breakdown on which stats contribute positive or negatively to an area's score, and its overall liveability. This insight allows for and promotes a more...

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Witness how the COVID-19 pandemic transformed education in New South Wales (NSW). This exploration delves into its effect on student outcomes, from retention rates to HSC completions, using data from "data.nsw.gov.au." Through the lens of data, we navigate disruptions and adaptations, revealing l...

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influenzAI: Using AI to provide convenient, private, trustworthy access to Long COVID & Influenza information from open, reputable government data.

# influenzAI *A revolutionary clinical decision support tool leveraging generative AI to provide on-demand evidence-based insights and recommendations to clinicians regarding long COVID and influenza, utilising its curated healthcare knowledge repository of health care data.* <p align="cent...

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Edu-ffect: Where AI Ignites Learning Potential.

Problem statement: The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on education in New South Wales (NSW). Schools and universities were forced to close or switch to online learning for extended periods of time, disrupting the education of millions of students. The impact was felt across the e...

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