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Cracking the IP Code: Gender, Industry and Innovation

'Cracking the IP Code: Gender, Industry and Innovation' utilises a Power BI interactive dashboard to illuminate female-led contributions in Australia's IP landscape, drawing insights from the 2022 Australian IP Report's Chapter 7. The dashboard offers an interactive exploration of industry involv...

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EmpowerHER - Diverse IP - It

The "EmpowerHER: Diverse-IP-It" project is a visionary endeavor aimed at addressing multifaceted challenges related to labor practices, inequality, regulatory compliance, and racial fairness, particularly affecting females. This initiative is channeled through an interactive website under the ban...

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TelStars -- Sista - Empowering Women

Sista is a virtual buddy solution that aims to help women succeed financially. Sista provides women with a number of resources and services, including: Financial literacy education. Emotional support. Career advice. Networking opportunities. Sista is a scalable and configurable model that ca...

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Diversifying invention in Australia

This project seeks to better understand women's representation in leading innovation in Australia, and the workplace conditions in innovative Australian organisations, using a combination of IP Australia data, Workplace Gender Equality Agency data and Australian Taxation Office data. Key insi...

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