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Flying Fox Conservation App

The Flying Fox Roosts Conservation App is an innovative and educational mobile application designed to address the challenges associated with flying fox roosts and their conservation efforts. Developed in collaboration with the Sunshine Coast Council, the app leverages open government data to emp...

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Tracking Flying Foxes

Our Team Name is “Delta Force”. Our Project “Tracking Flying Foxes” through photo identification. Our Goals are to: Build a predictive model showing the current and historical Roost data extrapolated into the future. Expand and enhance the pre-existing data set to better answer th...

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Flying Fox Populations on the Sunshine Coast

We have created an interactive website which shows information flying fox locations throughout the year. As well as solutions to flying fox management through green buffer zones, translocation/relocation and the use of AI to tag and track individual flying-foxes

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Project BatWise

Australia hosts diverse flying fox species, including three on the Sunshine Coast: The Little Red Flying Fox, The Black Flying Fox, and the endangered Grey-Headed Flying Fox. Flying Foxes are a keystone species for many Australian Natives, being responsible for the pollination and seed dispersal ...

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Graph Automation - Flying Fox Populations on the Sunshine Coast

Flying foxes play a crucial part in the bushland around the Sunshine Coast area. They are responsible for spreading the seeds of several plants in the local ecosystem. Human development has however put these animals at risk, as they risk losing their habitat and therefore harming the local biodiv...

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