Entries to Identify plausible domestic freight routes across different modes of transport

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NoFret - Freight Management

![NoFret Cover](https://hill-college.github.io/GovHack2023/cover.png) We aim to analyze and measure freight performances across Albany, and measure CO2 production levels. Our website should give people an insight to the freight they are using to transport their goods, CO2 emission levels, and ...

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Transport App

We are a small group from Mount Barker Community College (MBCC) who have designed an app to track freights whilst delivering packages. The app will allow the public to put in a tracking number for their packages and monitor its every movement. They'll be able to know exactly when it arrives. The ...

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Waste Race

** # WasteRace ## A digital car game for kids effectively combining entertainment with waste management. **20.08.2023** ─ **Project team members:** - Thisura Senarath - Devashri Samani ## Executive Summary The WasteRace is a digital car game des...

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Trucks and trains are the vital arteries of Australia's national freight network. Yet, due to commercial sensitivities and a scarcity of accessible data, the precise logistics and planning that underpin route selection for transporting freight from Point A to Point B remain largely enigmatic. Our...

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Analysing Recycling Trends Over the Last 20 Years and Predicting Future Recycling Behaviour

# Description Conduct analysis to understand and identify trends in recycling practices over the past 20 years. The objective of the challenge is to gain insights from recycling rates, material compositions, geographic variations and other factors influencing recycling behaviour.

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Australia's Shift to H2 Freight

["Australia's Shift to H2 Freight"](https://freight-analysis-dashboard.streamlit.app/) presents an interactive visualisation of Australia's freight networks, through the lens of a transition to hydrogen fuels. It uses NFDH data sets, including Freight Vehicle Congestion and National Key Freight R...

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Web Track Delivery

### Goal of this project The main aim of this project is to show the different methods available for transportation of freight domestically. Moreover, these methods are compared by key metrics such as cost, speed, delivery time, etc. and are weighted to be in line with the user's priorities. Fo...

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