Entries to Charging Electric Vehicles in the ACT

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Checkpoint Project Team Location
Submission CANcharge ACTual.ly Burwood - Deakin
Submission Charging Electric Vehicles in the ACT ChargeIt Adelaide
Submission Get Charged Up AMUNSA Burwood - Deakin
Submission Give and Grow Together Team Thomas & Friends Canberra
Submission Fast and "Fuelless" EV Power Rangers Digital NSW
Submission EVe - Electric Vehicle endpoint Data Barbies Digital NSW
Submission Watt Spy - Embrace the change. Drive electric. Team 2078 Canberra
Submission ChargerFinder Fantastic Four Melbourne
Submission Charge ACTion Digital Dynamos Canberra
Submission AcciSafe AcciSafe Canberra
Submission ACT-ivists Mad-@-Gas-car Sunshine Coast
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