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Trends in Recycling

I used a general web app building tool called Flatpack Apps (that I created in the past), to develop an app for finding trends in a data set pertaining to recycling.

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Victoria finds itself facing a critical juncture in waste management, with the surge in waste due to rapid population growth and construction activities posing significant challenges. The current approach, despite policy considerations, might not be fully satisfying in addressing this issue. T...

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Team Mk2

Introducing "EcoZoom: Garbage Sustainability Analyzer" – your ultimate companion in promoting a greener planet. EcoZoom is an innovative app designed to revolutionize the way we interact with waste, empowering users to make informed choices about their environmental impact. By harnessing cutting-...

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Analysing Recycling Trends Over the Last 20 Years and Predicting Future Recycling Behaviour

# Description Conduct analysis to understand and identify trends in recycling practices over the past 20 years. The objective of the challenge is to gain insights from recycling rates, material compositions, geographic variations and other factors influencing recycling behaviour.

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Acutaries (project 2)

We embark on a quest to explore Victoria's recycling evolution. To predict future recycling trends, we apply multiple statistical models (per subtype), analyse and evalute them on a validations set, and predict with our best model. We then visualise both past and present (predicted) trend and dis...

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Recycle Run

This is a game about recycling called recycle run, it is a 2D platformer and gives you a unique set of stats when you finish depending on how much litter you collected.

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How Canberra has evolved; showcasing historical imagery

Amidst rapid developments, how do we recollect who we once were, comprehend who we are now, and envision who we shall become in the future? In this project, we are seeking to bridge the gap between past, present and the tapestry of our future. As we embark on a journey to retrace our steps throug...

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Project mk 1

The solution for the analysis of the registration of the vehicles and even uptakes of EVs Since Fossil fuels are depleting and the cost price of fuel is steady increase, we are in search of finding alternative fuels to drive vehicles. Thus, EV vehicles provide a solution for this. But there are ...

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Eco Scan+

## Project Description EcoScan+: A revolutionary mobile application tailored for Queensland residents, especially Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay. Beyond merely guiding on waste disposal, EcoScan+ endeavors to bring local government and citizens together by rewarding eco-conscious behavior with r...

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