Entries to Measuring Emissions – Where should we start? Standardising data for tracking, monitoring, and reporting emissions

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Checkpoint Project Team Location
Submission CANcharge ACTual.ly Burwood - Deakin
Submission ESGenius DataWay Adelaide
Submission Every Way We Save EWWE Melbourne
Submission MrMsGreen Family Adelaide
Submission EcoEmissionData Carbon Smart Crew Adelaide
Submission 'Nelam': Climate Data & Reporting Nelam.Earth Digital NSW
Submission DeCarbo Team DeCarbo Melbourne
Submission Emission = Measuring Climate (E=MC^2) Stop thinking about problems, think SOLUTIONS Canberra
Submission WATERWISE - UnityWater Reducing Emissions WATERWISE - UnityWater Sunshine Coast
Submission 'Corporation Emissions Rating' System ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ​Emission Impossible 🏭💨 Canberra
Submission EasyPark Application Christchurch independence movement Christchurch
Submission Infra.nz Tubes Auckland
Submission EARTHLY Gryffindor Melbourne
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