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Project 2301

Australia has experienced a substantial and recurring impact from the annual Influenza disease. This impact has been particularly pronounced within the Australian population. Despite the longstanding implementation of flu vaccination programs, the number of reported cases has consistently risen e...

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To combat the highest suicide rate in the world, Yimpinnini (or Sistagirls), Indigenous transgender women on Tiwi Islands, have been kickstarting ecological bush tour for community resilience. Bush knowledge is traditionally gendered by male for hunting and female for gathering, but Yimpinnini ca...

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![CyberGuardian Image 2](https://github.com/ChrisPVella/GovHack2023-CyberGuardian.io/blob/main/images/CyberGuardianImage1.jpg?raw=true) [Project Description](https://github.com/ChrisPVella/GovHack2023-CyberGuardian.io/blob/main/project.md) ![CyberGuardian Image 2](https://github.com/ChrisPV...

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AI Medical

Our project gives a tour of the Future of AI and machine learning models to shape a better future in the medical sector. It presents opportunities to grow our economy, create jobs and improve our lives. When AI Robot assists people standing in a queue, who are waiting for doctor for a long. This ...

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Quants Generative AI

This project uses Generative AI to provide vulnerable Australian users with personalised health recommendations. Users fill out a form and their inputs are sent to OpenAI's API, our generative AI, where they are then able to recieve feedback based on their health rating generated with scaled mult...

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Bloom: Grow Together

Our project Bloom: Grow Together is a generative AI system focusing on addressing loneliness in elderly Australians. It takes the interests of the customers and recommends appropriate community events and activities.

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Untold Story

![Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/NKfonzF.png) ### Problem Statement: ###The untold personal stories of alcohol addiction in Australia lead to gaps in data, hindering a complete approach to tackle the problem. The alcohol culture in Australia is deeply embedded, and the shame and judgment associa...

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Project SmartHealth

# Project SmartHealth ## Problem statement A significant challenge arises from high death rates attributed to diseases, accounting for more than 50,000 deaths in 2021 ([Data Link](https://data.gov.au/dataset/ds-act-https%3A%2F%2Fwww.data.act.gov.au%2Fapi%2Fviews%2Fizm5-6use/details?q=death%20re...

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Reducing Vehicle idling Time - A better way towards Carbon neutral

Reducing vehicle idling time is a practical and effective way to reduce emissions, conserve fuel, and improve air quality. A short-term easy solution is to install idling alarms in vehicles, while a long-term solution is replacing ICE vehicles with EVs and Hybrids so that if a vehicle is idling, ...

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influenzAI: Using AI to provide convenient, private, trustworthy access to Long COVID & Influenza information from open, reputable government data.

# influenzAI *A revolutionary clinical decision support tool leveraging generative AI to provide on-demand evidence-based insights and recommendations to clinicians regarding long COVID and influenza, utilising its curated healthcare knowledge repository of health care data.* <p align="cent...

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# Team Chronos - CivicQuest - GovHack2023 <table> <tr> <th>Project</th> <th>Details</th> </tr> <tr> <td>Team </td> <td>Team Chronos</td> </tr> <tr> <td>Project</td> <td>CivicQuest</td> </tr> <tr> <td>Hackerspace</td> <td>https://hack...

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The Archaiv project uses AI to easily catalogue images and documents to make archives accessible. Supported by a rigorous quality assurance process to manage biases and ethics. **Problem definition:**  Digital archives have traditionally required tagging so users can search accurately. How ...

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Open Government Data - Secured Private GPT

Deliver best in class data regulation and curation, data governance, and privacy and security by connecting a downloadable and customisable open source GPT model, and use open government data to train the AI. Most people and organisations nowadays use openly available GPT models and feed the A...

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A dedicated healthcare chatbot trained using the Health Direct website.

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