Entries to Using machine learning and generative AI to improve health outcomes

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Checkpoint Project Team Location
Submission Project 2301 Team 2301 Adelaide
Submission CyberGuardian.io Chronos2 Digital QLD
Submission AI Medical Team 2324 Adelaide
Submission Quants Generative AI Quantium Quants Sydney
Submission Bloom: Grow Together The Late Late Comers Canberra
Submission Untold Story Eclectic Sheep Society Canberra
Submission Project SmartHealth GenA Burwood - Deakin
Submission Reducing Vehicle idling Time - A better way towards Carbon neutral Fantastic Five Moreton Bay
Submission influenzAI: Using AI to provide convenient, private, trustworthy access to Long COVID & Influenza information from open, reputable government data. G2 Digital NSW
Submission CivicQuest Chronos Digital QLD
Submission Archaiv Picture Perfect Canberra
Submission Open Government Data - Secured Private GPT Vitt and Toby Melbourne
Submission HealthChat TOMPETTY Digital TAS
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