Participating Teams for Melbourne

Project Team
Alohomora Algorithm - ElectroMobility Nexus: Decoding EV Uptake Dynamics ALOHOMORA ALGORITHM
Analysing Recycling Trends Over the Last 20 Years and Predicting Future Recycling Behaviour Team 2080
Brisbane Now Explorer
ChargerFinder Fantastic Four
DeCarbo Team DeCarbo
Diversifying invention in Australia Diversifying inventors
Driving Towards an Electric Future: ESG Analysis on EV Uptake in Australia Department of Spice
EARTHLY Gryffindor
EmpowerHER - Diverse IP - It Uni High-Fives
Eureka PixelWander
Every Way We Save EWWE
EVIC TelsStars - EVic
EV Uptake and Travel Behavior Unicorn Consultants
Factors that affect EV Uptake Fantastic Four
Improving Data Searchability with Human and AI Collaboration Team 2155
InclusiPlay Uni High-Fives
Journey SA The Nightwatch
NCVER Vet Data for Clean Energy - Solving the Posterity's big problem TelStars-1
Open Government Data - Secured Private GPT Vitt and Toby
Project mk 1 403
PROV Community Rewards App Department of Spice
Remix - Public Record Office Victoria Porcupine Fish
[Solo Traveller] [Team Solo]
Team Mk2 Team 403 R
TelStars - GreenVolt TelStars
TelStars -- Sista - Empowering Women TelStars
The Smart Recycler Gryffindor
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