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WisdomWalks is an open-source knowledge base website, fostering community contribution on building a permanent archive for Indigenous knowledge and cultural heritage sites. This data will be organised as articles on an interactive map, with the purpose of encouraging users to go out and visit/lea...

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## [See our GitHub for more info](https://github.com/urban-threshold/urban-threshold) Tourism in Australia accounts for over $35b of GDP in FY22, with youth tourism making up a significant portion of that figure (according to Tourism Australia). Youth tourism is also very important for the tra...

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Time Travel Hidden Treasures

Unleashing the transformative power of heritage Introduction: Step into history with our innovative Heritage Inventory project – a gateway to the past that engages, educates, and enriches. We're excited to introduce you to a unique experience that bridges the knowledge gap and brings about a f...

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Reimagining Records

Accessing public records from state government is not exactly on the list of things a young person might do. How can we help young people to engage with public records and unlock the potential to learn about the past to build for the future. This project uses Minecraft and openly available mod...

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🌟 **Discover Australia's Hidden Treasures with Tapestry App! πŸŒ„πŸŒŠ** πŸ“£ Looking for a new way to explore and appreciate the beauty of Australia? Introducing Tapestry, the app that turns learning into an exciting adventure! πŸ“±πŸ—ΊοΈ **🌐 Explore, Learn, Adventure:** Embark on a journey to uncover the...

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Bloom: Grow Together

Our project Bloom: Grow Together is a generative AI system focusing on addressing loneliness in elderly Australians. It takes the interests of the customers and recommends appropriate community events and activities.

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[Solo Traveller]

# About Solo Traveller Solo traveler is an application that helps people discover the heritage of the land in which they walk. Drawing from rich sources of public data such as Trove, PROV and NSW archives, people can uncover new insights of the city they find themselves in. Through our app the...

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Bush Tales

Australia is uniquely exposed to the challenges of climate change and loss of cultural heritage. Bushtales is a novel app that leverages open-source data from the archives to provide a synergistic approach to tackling these problems. Our app contains three vital elements that work to implement cu...

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# Problem We wish to help NSW Heritage, NSW Citizens and Future Generations. We started with the following challenges: - Even though heritage surrounds us, they're often hidden from our awareness. Citizens have stories of heritage that aren't shared or public. - Our citizens and communitie...

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Heritage Explorer

Interactive map with search functionality which searches your local address or place for Heritage items. Returned results are also searched with Wikipedia for related image and meta data.

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Story Points

Story Points is a proposed gamified street map that will show cultural and heritage locations, as well as parks and recreational facilities. Phase 1 of development features a simple mobile application showing nearby sites of interest, with the ability to tap through to a description of the sit...

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