Entries to Generative AI: Unleashing the Power of Open Data

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Checkpoint Project Team Location
Submission WeatherWise O.R.G. Perth
Submission NoFret - Freight Management GSG Hackers 3.0 Albany
Submission IncluVisit SA SPARK Adelaide
Submission Heaps Good! Ping Pong Adelaide
Submission Every Way We Save EWWE Melbourne
Submission CyberGuardian.io Chronos2 Digital QLD
Submission Project 2395 Indigenous-AI Brisbane
Submission AutoDoc - Generative AI Document Sorting and Searching Team Alone(?) (I am alone) (Creative Name!) Adelaide
Submission Bloom: Grow Together The Late Late Comers Canberra
Submission Project SmartHealth GenA Burwood - Deakin
Submission ServiSync The Odometer Operators Moreton Bay
Submission [Solo Traveller] [Team Solo] Melbourne
Submission PROV Community Rewards App Department of Spice Melbourne
Submission Secure*Mind Hub Oz-TechTrailblazers Sunshine Coast
Submission influenzAI: Using AI to provide convenient, private, trustworthy access to Long COVID & Influenza information from open, reputable government data. G2 Digital NSW
Submission Untold Story Eclectic Sheep Society Canberra
Submission Australia's Shift to H2 Freight Hydra Adelaide
Submission Tracking Flying Foxes Delta Force Sunshine Coast
Submission CivicQuest Chronos Digital QLD
Submission HeriTours Visual Lies (HeriTours) Sydney
Submission Gaia Gaia Moreton Bay
Submission The Blue Line Launceston Steminists Digital TAS
Submission ArchiVision Banico Family Digital VIC
Submission reVix reVix Adelaide
Submission Invasive Species Detection Application The Invasives Moreton Bay
Submission Archaiv Picture Perfect Canberra
Submission Open Government Data - Secured Private GPT Vitt and Toby Melbourne
Submission HealthChat TOMPETTY Digital TAS
Submission Project 2082 Team 2082 Digital TAS
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