Entries to Best Creative Use of Data in Response to ESG

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Checkpoint Project Team Location
Submission Waste Race Trash Racers Brisbane
Submission Share Care Extraterrestrials & Co. Adelaide
Submission Every Way We Save EWWE Melbourne
Submission EcoAware Hobart Blahaj Inc Albany
Submission 'Nelam': Climate Data & Reporting Nelam.Earth Digital NSW
Submission SA Adventure Quest Analyticats Adelaide
Submission DeCarbo Team DeCarbo Melbourne
Submission Community Needs Navigator Millennial Snowflakes Digital VIC
Submission EVe - Electric Vehicle endpoint Data Barbies Digital NSW
Submission ServiSync The Odometer Operators Moreton Bay
Submission Closing the Data Gap FTCC Canberra
Submission Untold Story Eclectic Sheep Society Canberra
Submission Small change Play With Impact Digital ACT
Submission Reducing Vehicle idling Time - A better way towards Carbon neutral Fantastic Five Moreton Bay
Submission ecological Synergy Group #1 Canberra
Submission Roots of Moreton Grus Brisbane
Submission Bush Tales IDentify Our Roots Digital QLD
Submission Driving Towards an Electric Future: ESG Analysis on EV Uptake in Australia Department of Spice Melbourne
Submission influenzAI: Using AI to provide convenient, private, trustworthy access to Long COVID & Influenza information from open, reputable government data. G2 Digital NSW
Submission HeriTours Visual Lies (HeriTours) Sydney
Submission WATERWISE - UnityWater Reducing Emissions WATERWISE - UnityWater Sunshine Coast
Submission 'Corporation Emissions Rating' System ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ​Emission Impossible 🏭💨 Canberra
Submission Diversifying invention in Australia Diversifying inventors Melbourne
Submission Brisbane Floods and Fires Digi-Ducks Digital QLD
Submission Gaia Gaia Moreton Bay
Submission The Blue Line Launceston Steminists Digital TAS
Submission Eco Scan+ GreenScan Advocates Sunshine Coast
Submission InclusiPlay Uni High-Fives Melbourne
Submission Project BatWise BatWise Sunshine Coast
Submission Archaiv Picture Perfect Canberra
Submission Story Points Data Florist Digital QLD
Submission ArchiVision Banico Family Digital VIC
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